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"The Bonners Ferry Pickleball Club is a volunteer organization whose mission is to create opportunities to learn and play pickleball, build courts and grow the sport in the community." 


1. To have permanent pickleball lines in all gymnasiums ( elementary, middle, and high school). So that it can be taught to kids during school hours, as well as after. To maximize the opportunity for recreational  play.

2. To build free outdoor Pickleball courts for the public to enjoy.

3. To grow the sport of Pickleball in the Bonners Ferry area.

Fitness Is for Everyone

This is a social event to bring people together!

Aside from having fun, it will keep you fit!


We are Looking for Volunteers

If you would like to help out please email us at  -  

and ask us how you can support us in getting more courts ! ! for more playtime

Just In 8 Demo paddles from Selkirk

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